About Us

‘At Devoted Supports, we Champion people with neurodiversity, psychosocial disabilities & complex behaviours.’

Devoted Supports is an NDIS Disability Service provider focused on servicing the Brisbane to SE QLD areas.

At Devoted Supports, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with neurodiversity, psychosocial disabilities, and complex behaviours to lead fulfilling lives. Rooted in Christian values, our dedicated team fosters resilience and collaboration within our community.

Why we are different?

What sets us apart is our dedication to providing recovery-focused support that’s tailored to the unique needs of each individual. We prioritize person- centred care and specialised services, ensuring that every person receives the support they deserve.

Our approach is trauma-informed, recognising the prevalence and impact of trauma on individuals, and our senior staff take the lead in starting support for participants, ensuring excellence and high standards of care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people live empowered and purposeful lives.

About Us - Devoted Supports

Our Mission

We deliver on our vision by:

  • Providing individualised support, services and training.
  • Creating environments that are caring, respectful and empowering.
  • Helping people to connect to and live their God-given purpose.
  • Providing best practice in all training and services.
  • Embracing change, innovating, and improving.
Our Mission - Devoted Supports

D-E-V-O-T-E-D Values


To loving God and loving people with kindness and respect


Pursuing excellence for the quality and delivery of our services


To accommodate and initiate change to improve our services


In order to communicate, share ideas, learn and grow


Supporting each other to develop and deliver excellent services


Empowering clients and staff to achieve goals


To go above and beyond expectations to deliver excellent service/care

    Key Biblical Foundation

    Matthew 22:36-40
    “We will love God… and love others as we ourselves are loved.”

    1 Thessalonians 5:11
    “We will encourage one another and build one another up in Christ.”

    Meet Our Team

    Kylie Ditchburn

    Managing Director

    I am a farm girl at heart. My parents are still farming in WA and I love visiting them when I can. I am passionate about the outdoors and my relationship with Jesus!!

    Bobbie Te Riini

    Team Leader

    I am a mother and grandmother. I love to help others and serve those in need.
    I am passionate about supporting people with disability and mental health, as my brother is a quadriplegic. Jesus is my Rock!

    Heather Bowen

    Admin Officer

    I am a mother of two beautiful children. My eldest was born with significant disabilities. Watching her grow, learn and overcome so much in her life has given me the passion to want to help others and their families to do the same.

    Our Team - Devoted Supports

    What We Do

    Service Options

    At Devoted Supports, we specialise in delivering ‘recovery-focused’ supports that help participants with neurodiversity, mental health issues and complex behaviours become more resilient to live their best lives.

    We recognise that every NDIS participant is unique, and we are committed to tailor supports to suit individual needs.

    Our care plans are developed in partnership with our clients to ensure participant services are both person-centred and solutions focused.

    Core Support

    Core supports are those services that are aimed at assisting participants with daily life and accessing the community.

    Some examples of core supports include, helping with daily living skills, increasing independence, building relationships, managing appointments, or assisting with overnight support needs.

    Our Devoted staff are dedicated to working with participants to meet their individual needs.

    Devoted Supports

    Respite/Short Term Accommodation (STA)

    STA including Respite, under the NDIS is where a person with a disability has a short stay away from home, giving them the chance to try new things, make friends and learn valuable skills. It also gives parents or carers a short break from their caring role.

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    At Devoted Supports we can work out flexible arrangements for participants to enjoy an STA/Respite at various locations across Brisbane city, including the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, when available.

    Speak to us about how we can achieve this.

    Devoted Supports

    Supported Independent Living (SIL)

    Similar to support with daily living skills, SIL involves supporting participants most commonly in a shared living environment, helping them to live as independently as possible.

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    SIL includes daily living supports such as helping with personal care tasks or cooking meals.

    For more information on SIL, visit the NDIS website.

    Devoted Supports

    Support with Daily Living Skills

    There is a range of daily living skills we can help a participant achieve in their everyday life.

    We offer overnight care and can provide 24-hour support if and where required.

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    Some examples of these skills we can help participants achieve, include:

    • Helping with organising time and daily routines
    • Cooking and cleaning
    • Household tasks
    • Budgeting
    • Personal care
    • Building social skills and healthier relationships
    • Shopping for groceries and much more.
    Devoted Supports

    Support in Social & Community Participation

    Wherever in the community a participant desires to go to achieve their goals, we can help them plan and prepare for their outing and help them get there.

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    Some examples include:

    • Navigating and catching public transport
    • Accessing appointments & community engagement activities
    • Building relationships
    • Tips on how to make new friends
    • Support in joining community groups/activities or finding new ones
    Devoted Supports

    Employment Support

    Supporting participants to find and keep a job is an important role.

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    We can help participants achieve this by:

    • Building skills in looking for and retaining employment
    • Helping map a pathway toward employment (such as applying for TAFE/other courses)
    • Functionally support while at TAFE/community courses and,
    • Supporting participants at their place of employment
    Devoted Supports

    Children's Support Services

    Devoted Supports works to offer the best support for children with disabilities. We support children of all ages with varying disabilities. Whether a child has simple or complex needs, mental health issues, or is operating under a behaviour support plan, we would love to help.

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    Some ways we support children include helping them to:

    • Gain skills in independent living and self-care
    • Learn how to manage time and become more organised
    • Prepare for and have transport to and from school
    • Access the community and take them to activities they enjoy such as sports, art and craft groups, therapy appointments, social groups, or even to the park to enjoy some fun and fresh air with their friends.

    Our team strives to collaborate with stakeholders to implement supports effectively.

    This includes, implementing a child’s behavioural support plan where applicable.

    Devoted Supports

    Transport Assistance

    Devoted Supports staff can transport participants to and from community activities, social engagements, and appointments as long as they have transport allocated in their NDIS plan.

    Client Feedback


    I really appreciate that Devoted Supports support workers go above and beyond all the time to do what is required for Gabby. It is very clear to me that it’s not just a job to them.

    Kylie and her team have been the favour of the Lord to me as well as my daughter. All staff have ministered to both me and Gabby.

    Gabby's Mum

    Devoted Supports staff have helped me grow in my personal faith, where I have been able to also help others grow in their faith.

    Matt Cheetham

    Devoted Supports understand the do’s and don’ts of NDIS and how to get the best outcomes for their clients.

    Michele Fiske

    Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Dr Angelo Contarino Clinical Psychologist & Associates

    Our relationship with Devoted Supports began with Support Coordination with Kylie. We found her to be determined in advocating for what our PWD needed and driven to provide evidence to support those needs and requests to achieve a favourable outcome from NDIS.

    Devoted has introduced us to many support staff over the years which has facilitated several meaningful matches and lifelong connections for our PWD and our family.

    Christian values and biblical principles are very important to us and we have cherished the opportunity to incorporate and prioritise prayer and faith in all our meetings and handlings with Devoted staff.

    We have found Devoted to be a hard working, earnest and flexible organisation and we hope they can meet your needs too.

    Marge Hernandez

    Gerry's Mum

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    *Funding Source

    Devoted Supports are currently in the process of applying to become a ‘registered provider’ with the NDIS. This means we can accept Self-managed and Plan-manged participants.

    If you are NDIA-registered and wish to attain our services, you may be eligible to have your plan ‘light-touch reviewed’ to change it to plan-managed.

    It’s as simple as a phone call to the NDIS 1800 800 110 to find out if you’re eligible.

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